Today we would like to share with you TrendLabs strategy for increasing our traffic by 300% and our revenue by 20% in a single week.

Summary (#6 is a secret):

  1. Jump into a niche you have a strong interest in and are passionate about.
  2. Create customer profiles and understand your ideal customer by user feedback sessions.
  3. Build a product around your customer that solves their pain points.
  4. Create content based on how your tool and fix your customers problems.
  5. Share your content everywhere to maximise exposure for your business.
  6. A content secret that is helping us the reduce time and maximize ROI

The Problem:


TrendLab’s story begins at a big media corporation, where they consistently needed to identify fast-growing trends to drive more traffic and increase their revenue. 

The current process involved manually collecting data and performing calculations on Excel! That’s right, Excel A mass multibillion dollar media corporation not automating this process seemed crazy to us. The time it took to simply identify a couple of trends was around 1-2 weeks and by that time, many other news outlets would get to that Trend first. On top of that, it was another goal collecting for that trend from places like google trends, google news, Instagram, reddit, twitter.

If only there was a tool that shared trends with you on a weekly basis, and collected data from google trends, google news, instagram, reddit and twitter…. Wink* Wink* There is! TrendLab!

So we've identified two key problems:

  1. Current process takes too long and isn’t scalable.
  2. Difficult to understand the market and customers of these trends

The Solution: 

A series of tools that helps businesses identify fast growing trends, aggregated into one report. Think Google Trends on steroids.

After speaking with many industry experts from a range of industries and sizes we’ve discovered that this was not only a problem the media had, but many businesses struggled to find good trends early enough to ride the wave.

We’ve simplified this process of finding trending topics to talk about through our proprietary data analytics platform. We help a range of content and product based businesses-

  1. Make data-driven decisions based on what consumers are currently talking about on the internet.
  2. Gain access to market & customer insights outside your organisation from the most popular websites and social media platforms.
  3. Capitalise their content or products by identifying trends earlier than everyone else.

With a lot of feedback and some technical programming skills, we built our first MVP!

Note: While building the MVP we ran an open beta of 30 businesses that helped us to identify and define the different products we currently have: 

  1. Newsletter (Sign up now to our newsletter)
  2. Trend Discovery Tool
  3. Reports Hub. 

We will cover this on another blog post in the coming weeks, in the meantime, you can visit for more information.

Create engaging Content:

Now that we have built the product, we need to get as much exposure to our business as possible on an extreme lean budget of $0.

Understand Your Market:

  • Is the market large enough?
  • How competitive is this market?
  • Is the market growing, shrinking or stagnant?
  • Do you have the expertise or access to the expertise to service the market?
  • How much development do you need to service this market?

Understand Your Customer Segment (Price, Quality, Choice, Convenience):

  • How does your customer make purchasing decisions?
  • What is the quality of the product you can offer compared to competitors?
  • Do your customers have many small priced options, or a few high priced options?
  • Is your product easier to use when compared with competitors?

Create Content Strategy:

  • SEO. What keywords do you want Google to identify you with? For TrendLab it is Trends.
  • Keyword research. Plan which keywords you are going to use to be identified with your brand.
  • Plan an overview of content creation on a quarterly basis to provide consistent content flow.

Content Creation:

  1. Weekly newsletter summarising up to 5 trends per week.
  2. Blog posts, sharing top 10 products, sharing working tipis. Latest article:
  3. End of week newsletter to inform our customers the developments of the company.

Amplify and measure content

When we produce a piece of content that focuses around products we share it on platforms such as: 

  • Linkedin: Great for building an audience of people that fit your specific segment. 
  • Reddit: Great for getting exposure and feedback. Choose relevant subreddits that match the type of customers you want to attract. For TrendLab’s case: E-commerce & dropshipping.
  • Facebook groups: Very similar to Reddit with a wider range of audiences and in other locations. I.e: philippines e-commerce & dropshipping community, E-commerce: Influencer Marketing...

Our Results

As a result, this strategy has helped TrendLab increase our traffic by 300% and our revenue by 20% in a single week! On a zero budget!

And the platforms that did most of the work were Facebook, Reddit and Hacker News.

[Tip] Upcycle your content

To conclude on this post, we’d like to tell you exactly what worked for us in our content creation journey.

  • 5 trending topics: the newsletter with the latest trends.
  • 2 blog standard blog posts (e.g. top 10 products)
  • A viral post on Linkedin.
  • A weekly round-up email on Fridays.

For a small team, these can take a lot of time. What we have come up with is the content we create for the newsletter should be re-structured and also made for your other platforms- Linkedin, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

In the end, you want to build trust with your customers, and having multiple touch points a potential customer interacts with before making a purchase will help with the purchasing decision.

Please, let us know in the comments what you are building and which platforms you are using to amplify your content.

TrendLab Team